The visitors center and exhibition experts

The visitors center and exhibition experts

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Unique and innovative multimedia solutions, including hardware and software.

Virtual Reality

Your visitor will be part of an environment created with 3D modelling or 3D video shooting - furthermore, they will be in total control.

Touchscreen - Infoscreen

Ergonomic, easy to use and spectacular software for informing and entertaining - “infotaining” - your visitors on premium hardware gear.

Interactive Screening

Astonishing films screened with unique technology and superb quality - controlled by audience interactions in unusual ways.


3D experience without glasses or other accessories - for the naked eye.

360 Panorama

A series of photos or complete 360 degree videos recorded on any given location, providing your visitors with interactive virtual tours on different hardwares.

Augmented Reality

By watching the screen of a mobile hardware, we can extend your real space with virtual objects, animations and text information.

3D Video Mapping

We give life to a 3D shape (a human doll or any other objects) by screening: we project textures on its surface thus giving multi functionality to a single shape.


Don’t release your paying visitors. Stay in touch with them by a microsite, a web portal or by presenting them a sample of the exhibition.


We author spectacular, fashionable and impressive films either for screening or to provide content for your more complex interactions.


We create 3D models and animations of unique quality and details, based on both imaginary or real life spaces, objects and characters.

Image & Design

We help you find the optimal audiovisual channel between your content and target audiences, including physical devices and digital content.

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